Welcome to the site of all friends of Namibia!

One of our ambitions will always be to provide you with as much information on Namibia found on the internet as we possibly can find.

Another is to keep our Members and Friends updated on news and activities in Sweden, first and foremost on Namibia, secondly on southern Africa. We email Newsletters to our Members and Friends, with a full text in English (or Swedish depending on the origin of the event) thereafter we publish the Newsletter in a shorter version on this site.

We update the Calendar with activities in Sweden when possible. Whenever we find events of interest in our neighbouring countries – or sometimes in Namibia – we add them to our Calendar too. We’re constantly working on our list of Links, trying to cover as many fields of interest as we can think of.The same goes for our lists of Books, where you by clicking on the Item Title = Author will find the title, publisher, year and ISBN number, if known, of the books. Whenever we find a reference to the book on the internet, we add the link.

We will add photos from our meetings in our Photo Gallery.

We hope you’ll enjoy your stay with us!